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Why Showing Off Company Stats to the Team Can Help Motivation and Growth.

How often is your team shown important metrics of the organization? Can a team member find data to show where their team ranks in the overall organization or where they rank on their team? Everyone wants to be a part of a winning team, and it’s proven when your team has a great win its easy to build momentum off it. These wins can be easily shown by simply displaying company metrics that these wins.

But what metrics can you show and how and where should you display it?

The metrics you display can really be anything that motivates you as the owner or leader, from an increase in production to an increase in sales or even showing off the company being named in media.

Many times, I see companies display their company focuses and goals for the entire year and watch as the paper its printed on slowly ages in the company break room and never gets a second look. How great would it be if as a leader you displayed the goals with measurements and updated it monthly to show the team how close they were accomplishing this year’s goals?

Another great metric to tract and display to team members would be community events and non-profits supported by the organization. Many employees want to feel that they work for an organization that has a positive affect on the local community. Show off what your organization has done or given to the community.

Thought should be taken to display these metrics in an engaging way. Many times, these metrics are displayed on a board in the break room or hallway that is filled with information from a few months ago. However, I once saw a company that displayed great metrics in a simple bright colored flyer that looked like something that was advertising a rock concert. I thought it was cool and they displayed it everywhere! Another interesting way might be to mail it out in a thank you card to team members with handwritten notes from their leadership.

You might think of some even better ideas if you take a little time to think about it. Remember this, that win has happened, and it is important to the people involved, you need to enjoy it and then build off the momentum. Display it proudly!

If your organization has never shared metrics with the team, I would encourage you to think about implementing this into your systems. Find someone that is creative and have them help get it in front of the team, and treat it as importantly as any type of marketing you would do for customers.

**If you need further assistance or ideas in tracking metrics to motivate your team specific to your organization, we would love to help. Please feel free to reach out to our office to have a discussion on your organization’s specific needs.

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