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Retain Your Team with "KCI"

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By Tracking Your Organization's
8 Key Cultural Indicators (KCI)

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The best organizations have high performing teams that Hold Themselves Accountable and Know Where They Fit into the organizations mission. They Trust their Leadership and Team and feel Safe and Valued. They are Motivated, ready and willing to perform at their best to continually Improve Their Organization.

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We Help You Monitor This Important KCI Chain

The 21st Century Business world is no longer just made up of KPIs. Culture is important now more than ever when it comes to retaining talent. Most companies charge thousands of dollars to come in a hold a single event survey that just gives the leadership a small snapshot in time of their culture. What would your organization look like if you could monitor and make decision based off these important KEY CULTURAL INDICATORS throughout the year?

Give Your Leadership The KCI Advantage.

Our system does just that! We send small bite sized questionnaires to your team throughout the week. The answers are then fed into our system to analyze the data and deliver an easy to read actionable report directly to your leadership. Now your leadership can have a complete picture of the organization health.

Our Team



Daniel Colson has been in the business and entrepreneurship world for the past 7 years. Much of his experience in leadership and organizations comes from his previous 8 years in the Military serving as an Army Captain. While in the Army Daniel served in numerous leadership positions from units with 15 Soldiers to Company Command of 100+ Soldiers. During this time Daniel became a Master Resiliency Trainer as well as taking numerous classes in EQ and Instructor courses. Daniel ended his career in the Army as an OCS Instructor training future Army Officers at Fort Benning, GA. 

In 2015 Daniel Left the Army and Became an entrepreneur and learned some difficult lessons in his first business. He became a Realtor in 2016 during this time his love for Business was reignited and began transactions as a business broker and both acquired and sold companies as well as helped others acquire companies. Through these business purchases Daniel discovered a special interest in figuring out where a company was truly struggling and how to fix the issue. Daniel discovered his strengths were in building systems and teams to increase the profitability and valuation of the company. Two of his favorite subjects are Lean Six Sigma and digging into company culture/organization. He believes there are three things that can kill a business. Bad culture, waste, and disorganization. 

He helped create Retain Today along with his partners as a way to better help employers and organizations to not only understand their company culture but to use this data help them take inexpensive actionable steps in create an organization that team members feel safe in and want to continue to grow in. His system and ideas have helped numerous companies retain their team and cut the cost of turnover. 



Austin Pray also has been in the business and entrepreneurship world for over 10 years. He grew up in a management role, fortunate enough to be born into a restaurant that his mom and step dad owned. His mom is a diva who started a karaoke 7 days a week bar & restaurant. From this and his 10 years of running corporate restaurants, he can run restaurants in his sleep. His dad on the other hand has been a software engineer ever since he turned 18.

To keep this simple, after graduating from Colorado State University, Austin was bored with running other entrepreneurs businesses and fell in love with starting his own. Multiple actually. 


He started Weezle Marketing along with the Weezle app in 2012. From this and the skills he has mastered, he started a profitable supplement company, course and apparel companies. He has helped others make millions online by making them websites (like this one), manage / grow SEO, and stays interesting online for clients with content on social media platforms. He does it all. 

Austin wanted to help Dan see his vision through with Retain Today because he knows the struggle and profit loss you see from high turnover rates. He saw the most while consulting restaurants and focusing on lowering turnover by implementing the same principles as Dan to help businesses grow. The main principle takeaway being, figuring out how to listen to employees and acting upon what you hear.


In 3 Easy Steps

1. By conducting small bite size surveys, we allow your employees to continue to accomplish their primary job without being distracted.
: This is conducted by employee receiving a text message to their phone with a link to the 30 second - 1 minute survey, every other business day on average.

2. Getting this information to the first line leaders. This will help with communication that is the number one failing point in all business. 

3. We provide guidance that is actionable & low cost!

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